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Antoin's roots


From group 1 of primary school onwards, I was lucky to receive broad education in addition to school. Being an only child, I think my parents thought that was important.


Competitive sports and classical music were regular pastimes in my life. Swimming training six hours a week and practicing the clarinet seven hours a week shaped me in a way that I still enjoy today.


From a growth-oriented boy with perseverance, I developed into an emotional man with an eye and ear for beauty, who can listen well.


In my spare time I drew a lot. I wasn't very good at it, but I really enjoyed it. At primary school I was fanatical during the drawing and handicraft classes and always looked for the limits of the possibilities. 


Early on in primary school, something else also became clear: my attention to the weakest among us was a strong drive. Classmates who were bullied could count on my support. I think I got that from my mother, who led women's talk groups in the 1970s and 1980s.


In group six I became a coach of youth groups where themes such as self-confidence and identity were discussed. My interest in the welfare of 'the other' has never waned since.


I did high school despite everything I did next to it. My schedule was packed.

Competitive sports and making music came together in a wonderful mix: ballroom dancing. It soon became a competitive sport too for me.


In the meantime I played the clarinet in a big band, with which my endless practicing finally fell into place.


And there was also a hobby: model flying. My passion for everything to do with flying was born. I contracted airplanes and flew them with my father. I inherited his two right hands.


To pay for those sports and hobbies I worked from an early age in the holidays. Simple, heavy work on the bulb fields. My serious work attitude was noticeable and I was soon put in charge of large groups of holiday workers.


In high school, the arts were my favorite. I was often still in the art classroom after class trying out different printing techniques. From linocut to etching, from screen printing to lithography.


I also discovered the shapes of the letters that I am fascinated by to this day.


In addition, I was the only one that liked social studies, which made me a bit of an outsider.



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